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Eurorack Power Supplies & Busboards

Here you can find a power supply and busboard for your personal case project. You can hoose the size and power option that suits you listed below:

Options: - MM11. 250 mA +12V, 250 mA -12V, 100 mA 5V (derived from positive rail) a power supply with integrated busboard with 6 headers - MM21. 620 mA +12V, -620 mA -12V , busboard not included, you'll choose a busboard separately - MM22. 834 mA +12V, -834 mA -12V , busboard not included, sold separately - MM Cargo. 1250 mA +12V, 1250 mA -12V, 5V 150mA, busboard not included - sold separately - Busboard w/ 9 power headers and 5V circuit onboard (100 mA derived from positive rail) - Busboard w/ 14 power headers and 5V circuit onboard (100 mA derived from positive rail)

Advantages: - All Power Supplies are High Efficiency with Short-circuit / Overload / Over voltage protection (Recovers automatically after fault condition is removed) - Very low noise - Compact, only 13 mm tall! Perfect for shallow, elagant cases. - Lightweight - few grams - You don't deal with main voltages and get your life in danger and more importantly the life of your modules! :)) Power Supplies provides two ways of connections: - Terminals strips- to simply connect it to a busboard - and one power header- if you want to use a flying busboard (on the strongest option 1250 two flying busboards can be connected) Install it directly in wooden case or use a standoffs if conductive, metal case. NOTE: External power supply is not provided. To keep it simple choose one of 12V as it is the most general and less expensive (the PSU's have large V entry, it will take 15V, 18V.. also). There are tones of these everywhere from 3€ to 15€ for stronger ones. For a smallest PSU you can take one of 500mA for eg. For these two (620 & 834) you can take one of 2A (2000mA) For the strongest one you'll choose a 36W 3A for eg.

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