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QUAL - Alternative front panel for Tarot module

This is the Tarot's alternative front by Qual. It is not a product of some marketing collab' bla bla.. but a fruit of spontaneous entendement about the curent era and more specifically on it's translation in terms of sound. William was already a user of MM equipment and MM was inspired by the Qual's sonic vision of ongoing transformations and their prospective consequences like a long nuclear winter, cyber hybridations and human mutations. MM is believing, when it comes to a reflection: what would be the sound of a current age- that we can not accept the case- "oh the world is collapsing! quick, make a tisane!" :) Since Tarot Waveshaper may sound very unnatural it coincides with Qual's digital cataclysmic sonic realm. Illustration in the Qual's patch below where some digital beast is being challenged!

Being analog but nevertheless deprived of analog warmth Tarot gets a mystic fire in the middle of its front panel with the Qual's graphic work. Some limited number of modules have this faceplate, after (as a replacement panel) you'll probably find them only on Qual's bandcamp


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