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Modulaire Maritime "Decca", eurorack module

*"DECCA" was a hyperbolic radionavigation system. It was developed during the Second World War by the Allies to allow precise landings. The system was turned off in the spring of 2000 when GPS took over.

8 hp 25 mm deep 20mA +12V 5mA -12V

Price: 110 € This module is a manual control module for modular synth. Thought for live performance or to bring more manual control while recording in "one take" the module is, at the same time: -Voltage source -Manual CV-Gate -Muting - Control module

Details & use: Two voltage source's outputs (at the top) provides voltages from 0 to 5V. This voltages are precise, buffered thru op-amp and are controllable by potentiometers. Each have a dedicated button-switch so the selected voltages can be applied precisely (for exemple applying it on filter's cv's, oscillator's fm, delay's cv, etc.) on one part of the sequence, for eg.. These buttons are maintained (enable/disable, stays active when pressed) and are illuminated when "on". The voltage sources are also very useful when using an external instruments who works on line level (so much more quite than modular) once connected to a modular-you'll need a constant voltage to keep the VCA permanently open so that the instrument can reach the modular's level and you can hear it, use it normally, etc. The four grey button-switches (on the sides) are the simple manual gates and are momentary with no latency. They will send 5V as long as you keep them pressed (led indicated). You'll use them to start manually an envelopes, play drum modules for eg, apply it on any other cv or gate input.. The three illuminated button-switches have inputs so they can be used to mute signals. The two on the bottom are maintained while the one in the middle is momentary - for the bigger flexibility of use. The button's leds will indicate the signal going thru. You'll use these switches to stop, mute one signal let go another one, break a sequence's cv or gate with another one from the another switch, etc. -all under your fingers! If nothing is plugged in the inputs of those switches they will output 5V cv-gates just like their neighbor buttons. Made for more fun with a modular!


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