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"Cargo" is a Power Supply module for your eurorack modularsynth. Characteristics: - 4hp - Depth: 38mm - 30W - 1250mA +12V, 1250mA -12V, 200mA 5V. - Large V entry: from 10 to 36V. - High efficiency- up to 91% - Short-circuit / Overload / Over voltage protection (Recovers automatically after fault condition is removed) - Flexibility of use: you can use it as a module or take off the panel and install it inside the case (has holes for that purpose) - Can be used with two flying busboards but also have terminals to connect the fixed busboards. - Leds indicating all three power rails presence.

NOTE 1: No busboard included. After purchasing a module you can have a 20% discount on Modulaire Maritime Power distribution boards. Send a message to receive the code! NOTE: External power supply is not provided. To keep it simple you can choose one of 12V as it is the most general and less expensive (but if you already have one, the module have large V entry so it will take 15V, 18V, 24V.. also). The plug is 2.1mm , center positive. You'll choose a 36W 3A or more (or 5A also for eg.) There are tones of these everywhere from 10€ to 15€- 20€. Ask for a link if you're not sure..

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